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Recent Updates

November 2016

  • Mailchimp Integration- Function Tracker is now integrated with Mailchimp. Use the email marketing software with your Function Tracker Customer database.  Go to Admin > Third Party Integrations > Mailchimp Configuration.
  • Home Page Graphs - New quick view and invoice graph on your Home Page. Click on the graph to show invoice payment details for the month.
  • General Reports - You can now show / hide the Internal Notes on your General Reports. Go to > Reports > General Reports.
  • General Reports - The event name and current status can be seen on Reports > General Report.
  • My Profile - Click on My Profile at the top of your screen to customise the Home page for your unique username. There is also a new option to Show / Hide room names at the top of your calendar view screen.
  • Deposit Invoices - There is now the option to create more than on deposit invoice per event.
  • Dropbox Integration- Use Dropbox for unlimited capacity for File Notes and up to 5mb for each file.  Go to Admin >Third Party Integrations > Dropbox Configuration > Connect to Dropbox and enter your details.
  • Day Notes– You can now hide the “Day Notes” for particular users in Admin > Company Details > User Management

August 2016

  • Function Tracker is now integrated with the accounting software MYOB. Go to Admin > Third Party Integrations > to set up your MYOB Integration. Please note you need to be using the online version of MYOB. Invoices generated in Function Tracker will be automatically sent to your MYOB account.
  • Quick Event - For those events that you quickly want to add to the calendar without filling out all the fields Go to Events > Add Quick Event
  • Email Log - To keep track of emails sent to your customers Go to Customers > click on the Company Name > Click on ‘Email Log’ on the left margin. This will give you a log of all emails sent to the customer from Function Tracker.
  • Reports -  Invoice Report now has an extra column including the Event #. Click on the event # to return to the event details.
  • Invoices - When creating an invoice there is now the option to select particular items to show / hide on your invoices. This allows you to split invoices.  If you want to use an alternative logo on an invoice Go to Admin > Invoices > Logo and upload your additional logos. When creating an invoice there will be an option to select an alternative logo.

July 2016

  • There is now a free text area when you create an invoice
  • You can now increase and decrease the font size on Run Sheets Quotes and Contracts with the + and – icons at the top of the screen.
  • You can rename the titles on Run Sheet, Quote and Contracts. Go to> Admin > Event Documents > Print Layout
  • A Public Booking can now be charged a room hire cost. Go to Admin > Settings > Advanced Settings
  • We have added further categories for the breakdown of guests attending an event. Go to Admin > General Details > Additional Pax names
  • There is now an option to print your run sheets and kitchen sheets in a date range. Go to Reports > Print Run Sheets
  • The Enquiry Report now shows both online requests and events with an enquiry status on your calendar Go to Reports > Enquiries
  • You can now select which status an event will default to when created. Go to Admin > General Details > Event Status
  • You can view multiple venues and reports from one login with the new ‘Management Panel’
  • When copying Repeat Events there is a tick box option so that you can easily view the original event and all linked events.
  • A ‘Function Notes’ field can now be linked to your website enquiry form.
  • Today’s Date now appears on contracts so that you can keep track of the date the contract was created.
  • Event Status can now be selected as a mandatory field in the event details. Go to Admin > Website Extras >Enquiry Form Configuration
  • There is now an option to charge a one off flat rate for a series of events over a number of days or a number of events on one day.
  • Beverage packages can be structured the same as food menu packages. A package can be linked to the individual menus so that selections can be made from individual beverage menus. Go to Admin > Menus >Beverage Packages. Edit the package to link to individual beverage menus.
  • Background colour, font size and font colour can be formatted for your website event calendar. Go to Admin > Website Extras > Event Calendar
  • 'Blocked dates' that are created under Admin > General Details can also now show on your website Event Calendar. Go to Admin > Website Extras > Event Calendar